Agra Walking Tour

Agra is one of the ancient cities of India which holds the Mughal beauty in its heart. Agra is one the most visited tourist destination in India which is visited by a large number of travelers from round the globe. This walled city holds numerous magnificent beautiful historical buildings and monuments. 

This city is well-known all over the World for its one of the Seven Wonders of the WorldThe Taj Mahal which was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj. Along with this Taj Mahal is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. On the other hand, Agra also holds some of the very famous and ancient buildings, gardens and monuments which also have their own significance such as The Agra Fort, Itmad-Ud-Daulah, Ram Bagh Garden and many more pre-historic monuments

The Walking Tours of Agra is also very popular as its covers the rich tradition of art and culture and explore the secrets of the cities behind the must see-sights. 

Some of the very popular and most practiced walking tours of Agra are as follows:

Heritage Walking Tour: In this walk, you will be taken to visit the richness of this ancient mughal city along with local bazaars. This walk starts with the visit to the famous and well-known Mughal Monument and the “Symbol of Love” The Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Explore the beauty of this popular monument which was built with the help of popular white marble (Sangmarmar). Then you will be taken to visit The Agra Fort which is one of the most beautiful buildings built by three Mughal Emperor Akbar, Jhangir and Shah Jahan. This monument was built with the help of Red Sandstone Marble. Later you will be taken to Jama Masjid which is one of famous mosque built by Shah Jahan in the year 1648. Explore the beauty of this magnificent Mosque and its fine wall design, the complex designs of the latticework, glazed tiles decorated with floral motifs of myriad colors, carvings, the pillared Dalan, the Chatri on the roof and the beautiful Cakkka. Later you will be taken to a Kinari Bazaar which is very close to Jama Masjid. This market place is very popular for Lady’s delight as this market place offers a wide and good range of latest garments, jewelry, footwear and accessories which are in latest fashion.

Cultural Village Walk: In this walk, you will be taken to visit the Kucchpura Village to explore the rich tradition and culture of this Mughal City. In this walk, you will come across various Mughal Architectural Building and Monuments which have their own glory, pride and history. You will be exploring the hidden gems in this walled city. Not only The Taj Mahal, but there are numerous hidden treasures which you will see. This cultural and heritage village walk will start from The Gyarah Siddi or the Eleven Steps, which is a beautiful example of mughal architecture. This magnificent single stone sculpture was built by Humayun to study the star-constellation. This beautiful sculpture sits at the edge of Yamuna River and provides a fantastic look of the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. Later your next destination will be Humayu Mosque, which is a group of several Sandstone engraved graves associate with the Mughals. This is a peculiar kind of Mosque ever built. Next stop will be at Moonlight Garden or the Mehtab Bagh. This beautiful garden was designed just to adore the beauty of Taj in the moonlight. This Mughal Garden provides tourist with a great view of Taj along with Yamuna River. One can take amazing photos of Taj from its Backside. In this walk, one will come across the real, authentic village life of Kucchpura along with the history of The Taj. Kucchpura provides a real view of culture and tradition of Indian Village Life. The main attraction of this Walk are the elders smoking hookah, shoe making, local village gym, local village houses which are painted well and craved with some of the fine stones and the village school.

These are some of the famous Walks which give a proper example of culture, tradition and History of this ancient city. 

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