Holi the Festival in Mathura | Way to express your affection with Beautiful Colours

The colourful festival of several colours Holi is almost celebrated in every corner of the incredible India. In India Braj is well known historical region which includes the regions like Vrindavan, Muthara and several other nearby areas. The colourful festival Holi celebrated here attracts tourist and travellers from every part of World because of its unique and special traditions as well as customs. Mathura is well know place as it’s the place where Load Krishna was born and Vrindavan is the place where he was raised up and learn the things in his childhood. It is said that, once Lord Krishna in his young age cribbed to her mother about her fried Radha that, why Radha is fair and he is having dark complexioned. Result to this her mother suggested Krishna to colour her friend radha with different beautiful colours. Since then Lord Krishna used to go every year from his village Nandgaon to village of Radha the varsana to colour Radha s well as her friends well known as Gopis. Radha with her friends used to beat Krishna with stick, which gave a tradition well known with the name “Lath-Mar-Holi”. Holi festival in Mathura and varsana starts about a week before the day of Holi. Varsana is few miles away from Mathura as well now for the lathmar holi which includes playfully beating of men’s by women’s.

People throw beautiful colour powder as well as colour water on each other. This festival is joyfully celebrated in Braja with great charm, especially at Nandagram, varsana and Dauji. Well in Varsana this festival along with beautiful colors includes traditional music, cultural song and different form of folk dances. This colourful festival is celebrated at same time as Gaura Purnima. 

Mathura and Vrindavan: Traditional Holi

Holi festival in Mathura also includes Shri Banke Bihari Mandir where the celebration starts a week before with several cultural activities by women’s. The holy temple Banke-Bihari in Vrindavan is a perfect place to enjoy these colourful festivities. Holi played here  is a major tourist attraction; holi is played with coloured water and Gulal the pink color powder made by using different organic substances like beautiful flowers and kesar.

Apart from holy Banke Bihari Temple, every other Krishna Temple in Mathura as well as in Vrindavan hosts some special celebration for entire week. The well Gulal-Kund located in Braj is also another eye catchy place to celebrate the festival Holi here. Local people participate in drama of Krishna-Lila and act the scenes of colourful Holi for the pilgrims.